Congratulations Michael Johnson On taking the #30DaysToChange Challenge! #Yayyyyyyyyyyyy

What An Amazing Book Release Event In Tallahassee FL!!!! #30DaysToChange

Tomorrow Is The Big Dayyyyyy!!!:):):):) #30DaysToChange #BookRelease!!!!!

Blessed To Be A Blessing

I read Pastor Nicky’s book Discovering You and it really blessed me and I know her new project will do the same. I have a burden for ministry in that region, but I am not there to carry out the mission of ministry. Since I’m not there I find it more feasible to sow into others who are, but I can’t sow just anywhere. I’ve sown into the ministry before and God blessed me tremendously, so it’s a plus to be able to sow on fertile ground and bless the people in that region at the same time. There are many who won’t be able to afford the book right now, but they definitely need a change. -Minister Tashi Robinson(Purchased Several Books For The Ministry To Give Away)

These two ladies really touched our hearts! Lady Tammy Robinson(Top)(First Person To Purchase A Book)…Minister Tashi Robinson(Bottom)(First Person To Purchase Multiple Books For Us To Donate To Others)!!!!!  Wowwwwww Ladies, #YouRockkkkkkk #BeTheFirst #30DaysToChange

“God Told Me Months Ago…Less Is More!”
— Pastor Nicky Collins On The Simplicity Of The Book

First Signed Book Given To A Radio Listener!!!!!(Heaven1410AM)

“The Book Is Interactive. It’s Like Bringing Social Media To Print!”
— Kanya Stewart, Proclaim Creative & Marketing Group(About What Sets #30DaysToChange Apart From Other Books)

When You Get Ittttt…Take A Picture With Itttttt…And We Will Post Ittttt!!!:):):) #30DaysToChange #Yesssssssssss

“There’s A Story Behind Everything We Do! In This Book…You’ll Find 30-Days Of Lessons That Came Straight From Nicky Collins’ Life!”
— L.Michelle On Why #30DaysToChange Is So Awesome

We’re Dayssssss Away From The Release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#30DaysToChange #WhatToAWonder #October18 #Epiccccccccccccc

“You Create Your Season! Say It…#NowIsMyTime”
— Pastor Nicky talking after Morning Prayer (via lifeinthenowmin)

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Official Book Release: October 18. 2014!!!!

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